The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards Nomination Announcement


香港電影金像奬協會爾冬陞主席於會上公布首輪評審及金像奬選民的投票率,以及全力支持舉行此項亞洲電影界盛事的合作機構。同時公布本屆大會指定電視台為香港電視娛樂有限公司(ViuTV),屆時頒獎典禮的盛況將由ViuTV 99台全程直播。

香港電影金像奬協會主席爾冬陞致辭:「有鑑全港戲院於 2020 年及 2021 年內受新型冠狀病毒疫情影響,大部份時間均未能正常營業,令致上映的電影因而大幅度延期, 故金像奬順延至今年舉行。」爾冬陞續表示:「在這兩個年度符合金像奬參選資格的影片,將合併在本屆進行投票及頒獎儀式。儘管疫情持續,我們仍希望如期舉行實體頒獎典禮,表揚各傑出表現人士之餘,亦感謝眾電影工作者保持對電影工業之熱忱, 繼續迎難而上。」此外,爾主席同時公布,本屆金像奬首輪投票經會計師核實票數後, 投票率為 58.4%。他謹代表大會感謝各金像奬首輪評審和選民積極參與投票。

今午(16日)記者會出席嘉賓有「金像影帝」張家輝、「新晉導演」彭秀慧、香港電 影金像奬協會主席爾冬陞、香港電影金像奬協會董事局成員代表、香港電視娛樂有限公司製作部副總裁金廣誠、活動司儀陳安立等。大會主席爾冬陞再次衷心感謝「創意香港」 及「電影發展基金」資助今年的頒獎典禮,並撥款港幣十萬元贈予「新晉導演奬」得主。此外大會亦感謝「康樂及文化事務署」提供場地贊助、「法國嬌蘭」擔任大會指定香水、化妝及護膚品贊助,以及各個單位於不同領域上支持本屆頒獎典禮。

The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards held the press conference at ViuTV Studio today. The 28th & 33rd HK Film Awards Best Actor Nick CHEUNG Ka-fai, and Kearen PANG Sau-wai, the Best New Director for the 37th HK Film Awards jointly announced all 19 categories of nominations in the event. (The complete nomination list)

Derek YEE Tung-sing, Chairman of Hong Kong Film Awards Association (HKFAA), revealed the voters’ turnout rate of the first round of polling as well as the esteemed supporting partners, and the official TV broadcaster, HK Television Entertainment Company Limited (ViuTV) who will broadcast live of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards on ViuTV Channel 99.

Chairman YEE said, “the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has led to prolonged closures of cinemas, box office takings shrank, fewer films produced and released in 2020 and 2021. Last year we decided to postpone the ceremony for one year to 2022.” YEE added, “those Hong Kong films produced and released in the last two years and meet all requirements pertaining to our rules and regulation are eligible to compete for the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards. Even though the pandemic continues, we still hope the ceremony will be held as scheduled. This is an important occasion to acknowledge the outstanding performance of the Hong Kong film professionals and to express gratitude to all filmmakers for their passion in films and resilience in this extraordinary difficult times.

Moreover, YEE mentioned the voters’ turnout rate of the first round of polling for the Awards this year is 58.4%, as verified by the Hong Kong Film Awards accountant. He takes the opportunity to thank voters for casting their vote actively on behalf of HKFAA.

Guests attending today (February 16) included “Best Actor” Nick CHEUNG Ka-fai, “Best New Director” Kearen PANG Sau-wai, Derek YEE Tung-sing, Chairman of HKFAA Board of Directors, other representatives of HKFAA Board members, Kenneth KAM, Vice President of Production, HK Television Entertainment Company Limited (ViuTV), and Brian CHAN, Master of Ceremony.

HKFAA extended gratitude towards “Create Hong Kong” and “Film Development Fund” for providing financial support for this year’s ceremony and providing a sum of HK$100,000 to the Best New Director. The Association also thanked the venue sponsor “Leisure and Cultural Services Department” and “Guerlain” as the Official Sponsor of Fragrances, Makeup and Skincare for nominees, as well as other esteemed supporting partners.

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