「第40屆香港電影金像奬」最佳主角候選人造型照 展現影帝影后風範
“The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards” Styling Portraits for Best Performer Nominees Showing Stars’ Prestige





The atmosphere of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony to be held on 17 July is heating up. Hong Kong Film Awards Association (HKFAA) released today the styling portraits of “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” nominees showcasing their charm and star power.

The competition for “Best Actor” this year is intergenerational! Patrick TSE (謝賢), a Cantonese film superstar and recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award at The 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, has been playing leading roles in countless movies during his nearly seven decade-long acting career. Playing an assassin who helps elderly end their lives in the film Time《殺出個黃昏》has not only earned him his first-time “Best Actor” nomination, but also made him the oldest nominee in this award category. If TSE wins, he will also be the oldest “Best Actor” awardee in the history of the Hong Kong Film Awards. LAM Ka-tung (林家棟) won the “Best Actor” award when he was first nominated for his performance in Trivisa《樹大招風》at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards. He is nominated for the “Best Actor” award again for the second time this year with double nominations for playing a vengeful policeman whose wife and child were killed by a car crash in LIMBO《智齒》and acting as a retired British Colonial soldier who smuggles for a living in Hand Rolled Cigarette《手捲煙》. Francis NG (吳鎮宇), former “Best Leading Actor” awardee of The Golden Horse Film Festival, has been awarded “Best Supporting Actor” at the 20th Hong Kong Film Awards. This year marks his sixth time running for the “Best Actor” title for playing a homeless drug addict in Drifting《濁水漂流》. New actor LEUNG Chung-hang (梁仲恆) makes his film acting debut in Zero to Hero《媽媽的神奇小子》, starring as Hong Kong Paralympian gold medal sprinter SO Wa-wai (蘇樺偉). His brilliant performance has earned him nominations for both “Best Actor” and “Best New Performer” award categories.

The strength of the five “Best Actress” nominees are unquestionable. Sandra NG (吳君如) took home the “Best Actress” trophy at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1998. Her touching performance as “So’s Mother”, SO Wa-wai’s mother in Zero to Hero《媽媽的神奇小子》, with LEUNG Chung-hang (梁仲恆) and FUNG Ho-yeung (馮皓揚), the adult and young “SO Wa-wai” respectively, has made her the best five. Internationally acclaimed actress GONG Li (鞏俐) was crowned “Best Actress” title at the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards. This year In LEAP《奪冠》, a film about Chinese national women volleyball team, GONG plays the iconic volleyball legend LANG Ping (郎平). Her vivid styling and acting had impressed even LANG herself. Model Louise WONG (王丹妮) is also nominated for portraying a real-life character. In the movie Anita《梅艷芳》, her remarkable portrayal of Queen of Pop Anita MUI (梅艷芳), from her appearance, tone of voice and eye expression, to the way she moves and speaks, has earned her two nominations for “Best Actress” and “Best New Performer”. Model turned actress Chrissie CHAU (周秀娜) plays a day-time restaurant waitress and night-time bar hostess with a hidden past in Madalena《馬達.蓮娜》. Her rendition of ambivalent emotions has earned her the only nomination of the film. Cya LIU (劉雅瑟) acts as a young drug-addict in Limbo《智齒》who became an informant as an act of salvation in order to repent her killing a policeman’s family members when drug driving. Her dramatic depiction of intense emotions and desperate fighting in violent scenes has won her the first-time nomination for “Best Actress” at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

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