「第40屆香港電影金像奬」紀念特刊六月三十日出版 主要獎項候選人拍攝造型照花絮片段今曝光
Hong Kong Film Awards Association Releases “The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards Special” Booklet on 30 June and Reveals Behind the Scene Trailer of Awards’ Nominees at the Portrait Photography Session





The Hong Kong Film Awards, the world-renowned Chinese-language film industry event, prides itself as the most representative and the largest in scale film awards ceremony with the longest history in Hong Kong. Well into its 40th anniversary, Hong Kong Film Awards Association (HKFAA) is going to publish a special commemorative booklet to celebrate the occasion.

HKFAA has invited main award nominees of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards, including “Best Director”, “Best Actor and Actress”, “Best Supporting Actor and Actress”, “Best New Performer” and “Best New Director”, to participate in the portrait shooting session for the commemorative booklet. All nominees were fully engaged during the photo-shooting session, channeling their meticulous and professional attitude to perfection as seen from the behind-the-scene trailer revealed by HKFAA today.

The commemorative booklet of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards will be officially launched on 30 June 2022 and will be available for sale in designated Circle-K convenience stores, bookstores and newspaper stands across Hong Kong, with a set price of HKD100.

The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards will be held on 17 July 2022 at the Star Hall at the Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC). The event is supported by Financial Supporter “Create Hong Kong and The Film Development Fund”; Official TV Production Partner and Broadcaster “ViuTV and MakerVille”; Official Sponsor of Fragrances, Makeup and Skincare “Guerlain”, and Venue Sponsor “Billion Development and Project Management Ltd”.

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