「第四十一屆香港電影金像奬」特刊今日出版 首創一書四款封面設計別具特色
“The 41st Hong Kong Film Awards Special” Booklet - Features Unique and Distinguished Design with Four Cover Options


「第四十一屆香港電影金像奬」特刊以「演員的自我修養」(An Actor Prepares)為主題,以豔麗的紅色作為主調,封面字體漆上夜光塗層,喻意電影在黑暗中綻放光明。扉頁海報以「最佳男主角」、「最佳女主角」、「最佳新演員」及「新晉導演」候選人獨立造型照拼合而成、經摺疊後分別呈現出四款不同封面,設計別具心思。

本屆特刊設計團隊由曾獲香港電影金像獎「最佳美術指導」及台灣金馬獎「最佳造型設計獎」的張兆康擔任藝術總監,本地設計工作室《INNOISE》負責人Jerry LUK主理視覺設計。內容方面,本屆各個獎項的提名名單詳細列出之餘,並刊出由擅於拍攝時裝造型照的Phoebe WONG為榮獲本屆提名「最佳男、女主角」、「最佳男、女配角」、「最佳新演員」及「最佳導演」候選人拍攝的型格造型照,同時配以由金澤、畢志榮、曾肇弘、何兆彬、葉七城、月巴氏、紅眼、Jenny Chan, Kelly Leung 等本地影評人訪問候選人的文稿。此外尚有「香港電影金像奬協會」主席爾冬陞親自執筆「主席的話」,以及特備本屆「終身成就奬」得主胡楓及「專業精神奬」得主、兩位資深影評人羅卡及石琪孜孜不倦超過半世紀全程投入電影世界的介紹;亦有專頁列出2022年4月至今年2月離世的電影工作者的簡介,作出最後致敬。


本屆特刊從今天(14日)起在高先電影院(堅尼地城)、kubrick(油麻地駿發花園)及DNA STORE Cultural(香港文化中心)有售,每本售價為港幣一百六十八元正。

「第四十一屆香港電影金像奬」特刊獲得各大機構鼎力支持及贊助,包括:資助機構「創意香港」及「電影發展基金」、場地贊助康樂及文化事務署、大會指定電視台及電視製作伙伴ViuTV及MakerVille、大會指定禮賓車BMW、大會指定香水、化妝及護膚品贊助商Charlotte Tilbury、耀目贊助溥儀眼鏡,以及英文雜誌伙伴Tatler及中文雜誌伙伴Vogue Hong Kong。

The award presentation ceremony of the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards will be grandly held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 16th April, 2023. Hong Kong Film Awards Association (HKFAA), the organizer of the annual world-renowned Chinese-language film awards in Hong Kong, announced today the special booklet to mark the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards is now available for sale in the public.

The special issue for the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards is themed "An Actor Prepares". The design is dominated by a vibrant red hue as the main tone, where the cover typography is coated with glowing paint symbolizing how movies shine in darkness. Additionally, the booklet boasts a creative and innovative design with fold-out posters on the front page that are assembled to create four different covers, each featuring the portrait of the nominee for ‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Actress’, ‘Best New Performer’ and ‘Best New Director’ categories individually.

The design team of this special booklet is led by the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards art director CHEUNG Siu Hong who has won the "Best Art Direction" award at the Hong Kong Film Awards and the "Best Makeup and Costume Design" award at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. The visual design is managed by Jerry LUK, the chief visual designer of the creative studio INNOISE. The content is information-rich. In addition to provide a detailed list of nominees for each award category; the special also features stylish portrait photos of nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best New Performer and Best Director, all shot by renowned fashion photographer Phoebe WONG. It also includes articles contributed by local film critics Cecilia WONG Lai Ming (卓男), Kanasawa (金澤), BUT Chi Wing (畢志榮), HO Siu Bun (何兆彬), Seven City YIP (葉七城), Fatmoonba (月巴氏) and Red Eye (紅眼) on their interviews with the nominees. There is also “The Chairman’s Message” by Derek YEE Tung Sing, Chairman of Hong Kong Film Awards Association and special coverage featuring the recipient of the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ Mr. Bowie WOO (胡楓) and the two recipients of the ‘Professional Achievement Award’, veteran film critics Mr. LAW Kar (羅卡) and Mr. SEK Kei (石琪), who have tirelessly devoted to the film industry for more than half a century. Last but not least, some in-memoriam pages are dedicated to pay last tribute to the late film workers who passed away between April 2022 and February 2023.

In the past three years, Hong Kong has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak has led to prolonged closures of cinemas across the city for three times. With the reopen of the movie houses, HKFAA is committed to take its responsibility to promote Hong Kong film industry, calling on audiences to purchase of tickets to show their support to local films by, to relish the joy of ‘watching movie in the cinema house’. In light of this, famous internet creative teams include ‘Pomato’ and ‘Trial and Error’, as well as various local arts and creative artists from different fields are penned, sharing their enjoyment of seeing films in cinemas on the big screen.

The special booklets for the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards are available for sale starting today (14th April, 2023) at Golden Scene Cinema (Kennedy Town), kubrick (Prosperous Garden in Yau Ma Tei) and DNA STORE Cultural (Hong Kong Cultural Centre), at a set price of HK$168 per copy.

The 41st Hong Kong Film Awards is well supported and sponsored by various organizations, including Financial Supporter “Create Hong Kong” and “Film Development Fund”; Venue Sponsor “The Leisure and Cultural Services Department”; Official TV Production Partner and Broadcaster “ViuTV” and “MakerVille”; Official Limousine Sponsor “BMW”; Official Sponsor of Fragrances, Makeup and Skincare “Charlotte Tilbury”; Dazzling Sponsor “Puyi Optical”; English Magazine Partner “Tatler” and Chinese Magazine Partner “Vogue Hong Kong”.

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